The application

Where is the MyDPRights application hosted?

In the Microsoft Azure cloud.

How are data exchanges secured?

All exchanges throughout the application use HTTPS over SSL, ensuring that data is encrypted throughout its journey, from start to finish.
All parts of the application use HTTPS certificates for mutual authentication.

Can you add custom fields to the request form?

At present, only one field can be customised. More fields will be added in later versions.


How do you process requests which have been submitted a different way: email, conventional mail etc. ?

All digital requests can be entered directly into the platform. Paper requests can be added manually to ensure they are tracked.

Can you send a response to a request sent by conventional mail ?

Yes. The document is generated by the application. You simply have to put it in the envelope.

Can you communicate with the actual person who submitted the request ?

No, not at the moment. The application automatically sends out notifications to the applicant at each key stage of the process.

Can an external partner use the application to process a demand ?

Yes, as long as that partner is set up as a user in the application.

How many documents can you send out for a single request ?

You can attach as many documents in as many formats as you need to any one request.

Once the personal data has been gathered, how long is it stored in MyDPRights?

The personal data is held for as long as it takes to process the request. Only a log of exchanges is kept. It can be held for a period set by the customer, or 5 years by default.